About Us


In 2007, David converted a 1981 Prevost into a motor home for personal and family use. The Horne family spent many summer days camping and making memories with that bus, now what we know as the beginning of Horne’s Luxury Coach. David was approached by close friends and family with interest in renting the 1981 Prevost as transportation for their weddings. With interest growing, it sparked a business idea; A second Prevost was purchased, which David converted into a limo coach. This was much more formal and piqued so much interest from individuals and organizations across the Maritimes. The limo coach was rented out for weddings, corporate functions, and daily transportation for bands within the Maritimes. Interest and business continued to grow, leading Horne’s Luxury Coach Inc. to purchase their first Entertainer Coach. From there, Horne’s Luxury Coach Inc. went on to expand their fleet. 


David and Sherry Horne are the owners and operators behind the success of Horne’s Luxury Coach Inc. David grew up on his family farm in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island, where he was exposed to mechanics and heavy equipment at a very young age. After many years of working on the family farm, David started a transport business where he hauled potatoes all over the Maritimes. He also used his mechanic knowledge by opening a body workshop for several years. He eventually found his way to Fort McMurray, Alberta, where he worked in the oil fields. From here, he dedicated his time and effort to building Horne’s Luxury Coach Inc. David is now fully invested in growing Horne’s Luxury Coach Inc. David’s top priority in the business is the safety of the coaches and passengers. If you stop by the Horne residence in Bloomfield, you will most likely find David in the HLC shop maintaining the busses in preparation for the next tour.

Sherry Horne, wife of David Horne, was previously a stay-at-home mother with their three daughters. When the youngest daughter started school, Sherry decided to start a new career. Sherry began working in the banking industry and went on to do so for the following 17 years. She had a very successful career as she started in the position of a teller and ended her career as Financial Services Administrator. As the demand grew within Horne’s Luxury Coach Inc., Sherry and David decided Sherry would resign from her career in the banking industry and dedicate her time to helping the business grow. Sherry’s role within the company may be behind the scenes, but it does not go unnoticed. She spends many hours in the office ensuring that the administrative side of the business is up to par, as well as cleaning each bus as they arrive home from tour.